Privacy Policy

Firesong is committed to respecting the privacy of your data. Firesong stores the absolute minimum amount of data for the purpose of interacting with the Slack API.

What we collect

Some data is stored by Firesong, so that interaction with the Slack API is possible. This includes the access token, the team name, the team id, the user id and the tasks that you save from Slack using Firesong. Apart from that, we only save the Slack profile information of the users who sent a DM to Firesong. This is the information that you provided in Slack such as your email address, username and timezone.

The fact that you sent or received a message while talking with Firesong in DM is logged, for statistical purpose, to improve our operations, as well as to help debugging potential technical issues.


Firesong does not store any password. Access to your Slack account is only done through Slack API.

Firesong is run on the Heroku Platform ( Firesong uses Firebase as its database (


We collect Google Analytics data for visits on this website (see We also collect usage statistics of Firesong - such as number of interactions and engagement, using Mixpanel ( Such statistics may only be published or shared in an aggregated, anonymized way.


Firesong does not display any advertisements, and does not share any of the (already little data) it has with advertisers.

Changes and questions

Firesong may update this privacy policy on rare occurances. If any updates contain significant changes, we will notify the team via email.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this privacy policy, please reach out to us at


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